How to Stop Dream Attacks
How to Stop Dream Attacks

How to Stop Dream Attacks

How To Stop Dream Attacks PDF
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Dreams & prayer manual REVEALS the meaning of many common dreams from a biblical perspective... such as:

  • Dreams of eating and drinking
  • Dreams of being intimate with known or unknown persons
  • Getting married in the dream (even to unknown persons)
  • Dreams of losing your shoes, bag, documents, etc
  • Dreams of sitting for exams (and not finishing before you wake up)
  • Dreams of walking naked or barefoot
  • Going back to the old house constantly in your dream
  • Dreams of being arrested, attacked or pursued
  • Dreams of being pursued by serpents, dogs, and other animals
  • Dreams of death
  • Constantly seeing dead relatives or loved ones long dead
  • Dreams of contacts with dead parents
  • Dreams of being attacked by armed persons
  • Dreams of seeing gardens full of fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Dreams of being accused in court
  • Dreams of wearing tattered cloths
  • Dreams of having your wedding dress stolen
  • Dreams of going back to childhood days
  • and many more


"I used to forget my dreams"

“My life felt so stuck business-wise and anything I was doing was not bearing any fruits. I decided to dedicate myself to the prayers at midnight, and I had a huge challenge of forgetting my dreams. A day before yesterday as I was praying, I had an open vision seeing myself cutting a huge snake and seeing arrows being removed from my body. Just today I made R30K and doors are opening so wide and I am even getting favors with powerful people in business.. I am so excited about these prayers, as they are working wonders, glory to Lord Jesus.
- Eagle M


Also included (and explained with examples) ...

  • Why it is dangerous to forget your dreams when you wake up
  • The 3 prayers you must pray before going to bed to STOP having bad dreams and nightmares
  • The ONLY prayer you should pray immediately on waking up from a bad dream
  • Why the last 3 things you do before going to bed can show up in your dreams (and what to do about it)
  • You have heard of people who went to bed the previous night hale and hearty... only to sleep and never wake up again?
  • REVEALS what really happens to those who unfortunately pass away in their sleep (and how to fortify yourself and your loved ones against such attacks)

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