[eBook] Dream Secrets, Meaning & Prayers
[eBook] Dream Secrets, Meaning & Prayers

[eBook] Dream Secrets, Meaning & Prayers

40 Common Dreams, 111 Prayers to Claim the Good and Cancel the Bad and Ugly
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Reveals how God can still speak through your dreams. 

Shows the biblical ways and prayers to help you cancel bad and ugly dreams, while claiming the good and wonderful.

Such as:

  • Dreams of having sex with known persons
  • Dreams of being pursued by dogs
  • Always eating in the dream
  • Sitting for examinations
  • Dreams of death
  • Having recurring nightmares
  • Seeing wild animals pursuing you in your dream
  • Dreams of contacts with dead parents
  • Dreams of being attacked by armed persons
  • Dreams of being accused in court
  • Dreams of wearing tattered cloths
  • Dreams of entering vehicles or aircraft
  • Dreams of being naked
  • Dreams of having your things stolen
  • Dreams of having your wedding dress stolen
  • Dreams of having sex with unknown people
  • Dreams of going back to childhood days

And much MORE...

Plus a BONUS prayer set in 70+ native languages (for a limited time only)

Discover the fastest way to deal with stubborn, prayer-resistant problems (through prayer) such as:

  • huge debts
  • joblessness
  • marital distress
  • witchcraft attacks
  • rejection

and more.


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